Prayer of Peace in the Spirit of Taizé

Grand Rapids, Michigan

A Monthly Prayer Service in the Spirit of Taizé

Prayer of Peace

About Us

We are people who believe that peace is an integral part of our call and mission as Christian people.

The catalyst for celebrating this Prayer of Peace was Rev. Dick Host, the pastor at St. Mary Church at the time. He saw a need for peace—among nations of course, but more fundamentally, among the people of the community and within people’s own hearts. Conversations with friends, colleagues, parishioners and his staff strengthened his conviction that something must be done—and could be done. And so we began with what we know best: the power of prayer.

Drawing on the experience and expertise of area church musicians (NPM-GR), we chose to style the prayer in the spirit of Taizé. This style of prayer was well-suited to our goals: accessible; capable of impacting people personally; non-confrontational; open to people of many denominations, cultures, & political leanings; transformational; and peaceful.

These monthly prayer events are planned, prepared and led by a volunteer team of dedicated people.

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Contact us

Prayer of Peace-Grand Rapids, attn: Larry Barton
c/o 423 First St. NW | Grand Rapids MI 49504-5277
Tel. 616.459.7390 x16 | Email:

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