Prayer of Peace in the Spirit of Taizé

Grand Rapids, Michigan

A Monthly Prayer Service in the Spirit of Taizé



Those familiar with prayer in the spirit of Taizé are familiar with its style of music. The songs are generally short and repetitive, like chanted mantras. The simple words can sink in and become a powerful method of meditation, of listening to God. Various languages, including Latin, are often used in the singing. Composed with congregational singing in mind, even phrases in other languages are not difficult to comprehend, sing and pray.


Musicians are invited to participate in the ensemble that leads the singing. Whether you wish to play/sing regularly, or just for a specific date, tell us who you are, the prayer date(s) you are available, and we'll include you as well as we can!

  • Instrumentalists are needed to assist with the music. Taizé-style music often includes parts for many different types of instruments–keys, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion... We have parts on-hand for various instruments in C, Bb, F and Eb treble clef, and C bass clef. (So far.)
  • Choral singers are invited to add harmony and confidence to the singing.
  • Cantors are helpful for psalmody, intercessions, and verses sung over ostinato refrains. Being comfortable with singing in Latin or Spanish helps, but is not required.

Music rehearsals are held on the same night as the prayer, beginning an hour before the prayer.
Want to know what the songs are ahead of time? Click here to see the outline of the next month's music selections, or contact us.